EP Launch (London town)

On 24th Feb, we embarked on a journey of huge proportions (well, we got a boat and a train) to the capital for our London EP Launch!

Twas an epic night, made all the more epic by our beautiful princess dresses (made by the talented people at Verb).

The place was rammed with people and it made our little hearts swell to see how many knew the words to our songs (granted, ‘I wanna be a popstar’ is repeated about 27 times in one of our songs, so maybe isn’t that hard to pick up… but still).

Here are some photos from the night. Big thanks to Thomas Orger and Laura Ward
(who is also responsible for our gorgeous EP photography) for taking such lovely pictures.

If you’d like to buy our EP, you can do so here (or alternatively, email us and we’ll pop a CD in the post) and if you’d like to buy our dresses you can do that here.

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